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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life is Stressful

Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is today
yesterday is over so don't let it keep getting in the way
Each day that we face has problems of its own
so don't keep stressing out when you are alone
stress is not pretty it can really cause a lot of pain
yet we never let go of it, we face it again and again
If you want the answer on how to deal with it all
Just remember Jesus for us He took the fall
He has the answers to all that we face,when we accept Him
we are given Gods wonderful grace
We deal with life in out own way. we struggle & stress day after day'
the only way to let go of all the stress & doubt is not to do it alone
for God already has it all figured out
so the next time you face a large amount of stress, try and let go
and let God do the rest

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