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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Depend on Me

Why are your ears not listening to what I have to say?
Don't you know that sooner or later God will have His way
Don't you know the wonderful plans I have in store for you
so many blessings that you will be able to see
why get upset at people when what they say does not matter to me
I am the one who holds your life in my hands & your life is already planned out
so no matter what you see, know in all yo do
you can always depend on me

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost in your Presence

Lost in your presence it's so easy to do
when I sing songs of praise only to you
lost in your presence is what I am longing for
waiting on you and only you can I adore
lost in your presence is what I desire
so you can set my life on fire
lost in your presence is all I long to do
so all I can depend on is knowing you


Yearn for you

Let me fall in love with you like never before
never needing a man but yearn for Jesus more & more
Let me turn away from what keeps me from you
and all I can depend on is for that your word to be true
take away my thoughts that do not line up with your word
and all I can hear is that your voice can be heard
I want to come up higher than ever before
so let me yearn for Jesus more and more


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Open Heaven

I'll open up heaen for all the world to see, and all eyes will be on me
don't be afraid of what I will do, I have so many wonderful things for you
blessings will be many & all my children will see what an open heaven can be

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Beauty

Your beauty surrounds me every where I go. Flowers blooming, birds put on a show.
I sit outside & watch the world go by. It is so amazing to see butterflies fly.
Sweet music fills the air, God is so awesome His beauty is everywhere.
So when I feel lonely & go outside, the beauty of the earth is God's love % pride.

Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible for Jesus, He can do everything.
For He alone is worthy & is the living king.
He can move a mountain or make the birds fly
He knows all about us, for our sins He died.
He paid a high price for us, so He could set us free.
Nothing is impossible if only we believe. He knows our hearts desires that's the way we were made/
If He did not exist, no one could be saved. Give Him all the praise & honor
Sing love songs to Him, if He din not save us we would live in sin.
He loves all His children & wants us to love Him as well.
If we did not accept Him, in darkness we would dwell.
It is time to make a choice on who we will believe,
Do we listen to Jess or keep on being deceived?

God is

God is gentle & very kind & He can give us peace of mind.
God is honest & He is just & in Him we can put our trust.
He is gentle & so sweet, we can rest at His feet.
He is faithful & is true, He loves all His children too.
It breaks His heart when we sin & turn away.
He paid a price for us so He could change our days.