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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible for Jesus, He can do everything.
For He alone is worthy & is the living king.
He can move a mountain or make the birds fly
He knows all about us, for our sins He died.
He paid a high price for us, so He could set us free.
Nothing is impossible if only we believe. He knows our hearts desires that's the way we were made/
If He did not exist, no one could be saved. Give Him all the praise & honor
Sing love songs to Him, if He din not save us we would live in sin.
He loves all His children & wants us to love Him as well.
If we did not accept Him, in darkness we would dwell.
It is time to make a choice on who we will believe,
Do we listen to Jess or keep on being deceived?

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