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Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I Want

All I want is to serve you each day
and no longer want to live life my way
You have my best interest at heart
and from you I never want to depart
I want to be your handmaiden and show your love to all that I meet
divine appointments out on the street
Let me love you in a way like never before
For today I say yes to you and all you want me to do
I love you Jesus with all that I
am' for you are not like any other man
You love me so much it seems so unreal and your touch I long to feel
No matter what I do or have to say,please Jesus have your way
Let me know you like never before and face my future and fear no more
I long to be all you have planned for me and want to know what you see
Give me visions and dreams at night and on your wings let me take flight
Take me up higher then never before, for with you I want to soar

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